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Can you rely on the accuracy of your Google Analytics data? I have seen many businesses relying on a wrong Google Analytics set up and therefore ending up with inaccurate data and they didn’t even know! Others had just added the analytics tracking code on their site without setting up views, goals, events, etc. which can help extract the data you need in order make better business decisions. A Google Analytics audit can help knowing if you have the correct set up and if your data is really reliable. As a freelance Google Analytics consultant, I offer a range of Google Analytics and Tag Manager services including analytics audit and implementation. Let me help you get accurate data you can rely on!

Analytics services for clean and accurate data you can rely on

Google Analytics & Tag manager services

Google Analytics Health Check Audit

Is your Google Analytics data accurate or is it corrupted? A Google Analytics audit will help you discover the real traffic your site is getting and the steps you need to take to have the correct set up and make the most of this powerful tool. 

Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics is not only adding the tracking code to your website. There is much more to it! It is about setting up the correct views, goals, events, etc. for your business and making sure you only track meaningful data. Let me help you!

Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Tag Manager is an amazing tool full of possibilities but an incorrect configuration can contribute to incorrect tagging and unreliable data. I can help you configuring and implementing Google Tag Manager. 

Ongoing Analytics Support

After the audit and implementation phase, I offer an ongoing analytics support to ensure your data and reporting is always accurate. I use Google Data Studio to create bespoke reports.

One Off Analytics Projects

You know what you want but you are unsure how to implement it? Do you need help with setting up the account or getting the reports you need? A one off consultation project is what you need. How can I help?

Goals, Events & Reports

Setting up the correct Google Analytics goals, events or reports is something you better get right as they are important in order to understand your website’s conversions and opportunities. 

Accurate analytics data results in better business decisions

Why you need a Google Analytics Audit?

  •  Are you sure your Google Analytics has been set up correctly? There is more to Google Analytics than adding the code to your website. 
  • Have you set up views, goals, events, ecommerce tracking, etc.? They all help analysing the website’s traffic and conversions. 
  • Can you rely on your conversion tracking? Is the traffic being allocated to the correct channel? I have seen many cases where sales were being recorded but they were not allocated to the correct channel in Google Analytics. It was all down to a poor tracking set up. 
  • A Google Analytics audit will help you discover if the data you are gathering is correct or if you need to make adjustments.  
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"Yolanda's SEO expertise combined with her understanding of our customers and business goals has been instrumental in the growth of our business. She has always gone above and beyond and is proactive in drawing our attention to new opportunities to drive the business forward . Yolanda is an invaluable member of our team. She offers much more than just an SEO service."
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Martin Slane
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"Yolanda is a talented and well respected SEO practitioner. I have worked with her for over 10 years and she has brought her knowledge and skills across a range of clients from different sectors. We have been particularly reliant on her technical SEO capabilities as well as her strategic approach. She is organised and diligent and has shown this consistently but especially in her impressive planning with regards to web migrations. I am very happy recommending Yolanda"
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Paul Nolan
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"Yolanda is an experienced and passionate SEO. For over ten years, she's helped Tribe SEO and Zen Optimise deliver a gold-standard in SEO client work. She’s easy to work with, knows exactly how Google works and I’d highly recommend her for future SEO projects."
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Joe Williams
Owner, Tribe SEO & Zen Optimise

Let me help you get accurate data

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