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What is local SEO and how it can help Your business?

Local SEO is a search engine optimisation strategy that focuses on helping local websites’ businesses to be more visible in Google’s organic local search results. A local SEO strategy can make gain more local customers and help those local customers that didn’t know about your products or services to find you on Google’s local searches. 

I am a London based SEO consultant with over 15 years experience providing all range of SEO services including local SEO services. I can help your potential local customers find your business online! 

My approach to a local SEO strategy

the local SEO process

1. Discuss Your Local Business

In order to understand your local business better,  I will arrange an initial meeting so we can talk about your current website and goals.

2. Website Analysis & Local Strategy Development

The next step is to carry out a local keyword research, analyse your website, define a local SEO strategy and make SEO recommendations. 

3. Ongoing Local Strategy & Implementation

Local SEO is not a one off project, it is important to have a continuous local SEO strategy that will make your business compete locally. 

Drive your local business online

Why your local business needs local SEO services?

  • Local SEO can help your business be found easily by local people that might not know your business yet!

  • If your website targets the local audience but your traffic and local business is not what you would expect, it is a sign that your site needs a local SEO strategy that will optimise the website for the area. 

  • You might have a listing on Google My Business but your don’t know how to improve it and optimise it, this is part of a local SEO strategy and I can help you with it too.

  • If you want to compete with your local competitors and want to make sure your website is fully optimised and not holding your business back, then local SEO is the answer.
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Actionable local SEO strategy bespoke to your business

What does a local sEO strategy includes

keyword research


Local Keyword Research

Identify what products and services your potential customers are searching in your areas of business. This will help creating a roadmap for the Local SEO strategy.

bespoke seo strategy


Local Onsite SEO

I will check your website and make recommendations on what needs to be amended on your website in order to improve local organic traffic and improve rankings. 

google my business


Google My Business

I will set up your Google My Business profile. If you already have a profile on Google My Business, I will review it and optimise it making sure it has been configured correctly.

content strategy


Content Strategy

I will audit your content and make recommendations or optimise the content for local searches. I will also recommend a content strategy to improve the website’s traffic and rankings in the long term.

website analysis


Citation Development

Local citations are important in improving your local search results. I will review your local citations and find more citation opportunities that will help gaining more traffic to your business’ website. 

backlink analysis


Local Link Building

I will review the quality of your website’s backlinks and develop a strategy to find new quality local link opportunities in order to improve your website’s domain authority, organic traffic and local rankings.  

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Read what they have to say about me!

"Yolanda's SEO expertise combined with her understanding of our customers and business goals has been instrumental in the growth of our business. She has always gone above and beyond and is proactive in drawing our attention to new opportunities to drive the business forward . Yolanda is an invaluable member of our team. She offers much more than just an SEO service."
martin slane iks locksmiths
Martin Slane
Owner, IKS Locksmiths
"Yolanda is a talented and well respected SEO practitioner. I have worked with her for over 10 years and she has brought her knowledge and skills across a range of clients from different sectors. We have been particularly reliant on her technical SEO capabilities as well as her strategic approach. She is organised and diligent and has shown this consistently but especially in her impressive planning with regards to web migrations. I am very happy recommending Yolanda"
paul nolan inform advertising
Paul Nolan
Director, Inform Advertising
"Yolanda is an experienced and passionate SEO. For over ten years, she's helped Tribe SEO and Zen Optimise deliver a gold-standard in SEO client work. She’s easy to work with, knows exactly how Google works and I’d highly recommend her for future SEO projects."
joe williams seo
Joe Williams
Owner, Tribe SEO & Zen Optimise

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