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How can a Technical SEO audit help you?

What is technical sEO?

Technical SEO looks into the technical aspects of a website to optimise it in order for search engines to crawl and index websites more effectively. Technical SEO is a crucial strategy in website optimisation as it can help increase the website’s search engines rankings and gain more visibility and traffic as a consequence. 

A technical SEO audit can help uncovering all the errors and pitfalls the website has and that are slowing or damaging your website’s performance on search engines. I have over 15 years experience in SEO and have performed technical SEO audits on hundreds of websites and successfully uncovered crawling errors, helping with Google Search console issues and errors, improving the website’s page speed, etc. 

My approach to an in-depth technical SEO audit

the Technical SEO Audit process

1. Technical SEO Analysis

I start any technical SEO audit by analysing your website and finding technical errors and improvements that might be impacting visibility and rankings. I use a range of tools and also my expertise to manually assess each of the website’s issues. 

2. Technical Recommendations

Once I analyse your website I will review all the technical errors that are affecting your site and make recommendations on what needs fixing in order to improve your website’s crawlability, indexing and visibility.

3. Monitoring & Managment

Once the recommendations have been implemented it is important to review if they have been applied correctly as well as monitoring the impact the changes have had on rankings, visibility, etc. At this stage I check if there are any other technical issues that have arise.

Understand your site with an SEO technical audit

Time to improve your site with technical SEO

  • The technical SEO discipline differs from onpage and offpage and it focuses on finding issues, errors and problems that are affecting the backend of your website. Technical SEO helps search engines to crawl and index the website more effectively.

  • A technical SEO audit will identify issues that can negatively impact your website’s rankings and visibility and work against you in any future SEO strategy. 

  • A professional technical SEO consultant will use the necessary SEO tools and manually analyse the findings in order to uncover the website’s problems and give recommendations. 
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Improve your website's crawling and visibility

Technical SEO services i can help you with

seo audit analysis report

Technical SEO Audits

Technical Website Audits

I offer technical SEO audits that will look into your website’s technical issues and give recommendations on what to fix in order to improve the crawling and visibility of your website. I also offer complete SEO audits.

website migrations


Website Migrations

A technical SEO specialist should be involved at the start, during an after the website’s migration project to ensure a smooth website migration. Find out more about my SEO website migration service here.

international seo


International SEO

If your website targets international markets, there are some technical SEO aspects that should be present in multilingual international sites. Find out more about international SEO services here.

bespoke seo strategy


Javascript SEO

Many websites use Javascript and although it is a very popular language, it can make your website not perform so well in Google and other search engines as Javascript SEO is not being done correctly. I can help with your technical SEO. 

website analysis

Log Files

SEO Log File Analysis

By analysing your website’s log files you can understand how search engines crawl your website and find solutions on how to improve both your technical and on-site SEO and help you improve your website’s rankings and conversions. 

accessibility page speed analysis


Page Speed Analysis

Page speed is one of Google’s  ranking factors. How fast a page loads is important not only for your rankings but also for user experience as you can see higher bounce rates if your page speed is low which could also affect conversions.  

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"Yolanda is a talented and well respected SEO practitioner. I have worked with her for over 10 years and she has brought her knowledge and skills across a range of clients from different sectors. We have been particularly reliant on her technical SEO capabilities as well as her strategic approach. She is organised and diligent and has shown this consistently but especially in her impressive planning with regards to web migrations. I am very happy recommending Yolanda"
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"Yolanda is an experienced and passionate SEO. For over ten years, she's helped Tribe SEO and Zen Optimise deliver a gold-standard in SEO client work. She’s easy to work with, knows exactly how Google works and I’d highly recommend her for future SEO projects."
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